Should I be stretching?

Caption down below…

“Stretching is a waste of time” “If you don’t do mobility your body will be weak”

“Don’t stretch during warmups” “Spend 30 min a day on this mobility routine”

😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫 uh so what do we do then?

First — this post is not exhaustive and I know some someone’s going to want to “add a little extra” or nit pick small nuances. I know this, I’m trying to speak to the general consumer who is frustrated with no clear cut answer on this.

Some additional things to consider here —

👉🏻 Stretching is not great injury prevention. If you’re getting injuries “not stretching enough” isn’t why. This often comes down to load or volume management, or something else underlying or undertrained you should work with a solid DPT on.

👉🏻 Stretching likely does little for your recovery or soreness. You’re likely Better off going for a walk TBH. Volume management, novelty, diet intake, sleep, stress & blood flow will help these more than stretching.

👉🏻 Practicing a movement over and over and over will likely help with your ability to do it and move through it. You can’t stretch your self out of this. But a maybe mobilize along with it.

👉🏻 Lifting to some degree is training your body to do these things. But stretching CAN help too.

👉🏻 A lot of stretching or mobility training is basically you telling your body or muscles that movements or range of motions are safe to go to or trough. Sometimes you just need to warm them up and ease it and practice moving through them.

👉🏻 The mobility you need is personal to you and what you’re trying to accomplish. You don’t need to do this for all joints or end ranges if you don’t struggle with it. Sometimes you may need strength instead or along with. We want to be able to move to or through what we need but also be strong there too.

👉🏻 You don’t actually have to ever do any of this if you don’t want and it holds you back from engaging in whatever exercise you find you’re able to do. Let’s not create more barriers. But if something small comes up, maybe add that in!

👉🏻 Yes you shouldn’t do a lot of static stretching before your lift. If you do hold it for ~10-20 seconds or move through the movement.

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