Setting Up Your Lifts

Confused on how you’re supposed to set up your lifts in a smart way that allows you to focus on what’s important in the gym AND make progress!⁣

As a general disclaimer — there’s endless ways to set up workouts or a program. Some people *may* do things like pre-lift isolation work. Or mix in strength & power training in different ways based on the primary focus + goals.⁣

But for many of you coming from no structure, inconsistent loose lifts & needing help really dialing it in hopefully this helps!⁣

When we’re doing our lifts/workouts we’re going to work from more powerful — rapid force development — into our strength strength. If you watch my stories this is often how you see me do my lifts!⁣

If you’re not doing power training (which can be more than just oly lifting, and I encourage you to add some in!). You’ll simply start with your more whole body / multi join muscles. Think your main compound lifts. Likely doing in order of their priority in your training! ⁣

Then from here you’ll move into your main accessories — those are the ones that were still loading quite a bit and maybe use multiple muscles.⁣

Then into our more isolation + Core + other work. ⁣

In the most simple way for those confused by this think about your energy during a workout. It slowly drops as you go and it’s easier to crush your back squats first before ya bicep curls ya know!⁣

And if you train with only dumbbells or at home similar rules apply. Start with your bigger accessory lifts then work your way down!⁣

Similarly if you’re a crossfit lover doing your power > strength > metcons > accessory is a pretty common set up! Or separating out your bro work to different sessions or days. ⁣

If you found this helpful and want to be able to set up your own lifting checkout my guide TRAIN. Explaining the science behind your training, providing you the how + templates for you to program your workouts into + over 115 exercise demos!⁣

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