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Seasons of Struggle

I am currently “struggling” in my fitness. But that isn’t the narrative I’m telling my self. Because it’s a lie and simply untrue.

In the past 90 days I have done more than the average person does in months or a year. I am not saying that to complain OR brag. But the process of finishing my PhD, cleaning up 4 papers, adding 1:1 training to my business, graduating, traveling & moving is a LOT. Even if it’s good things it’s still a LOT — and that all wears on us.

I’m tired. I know this. I’m respecting this about my body as I ease back into training. My sessions haven’t been high motivation. The weights I’m moving are down. Im keeping cardio to a moderate intensity.

But I’m STILL SHOWING UP in the ways I can. This will still move the needles forward when I’m ready to dial it back up OR maintain the progress I’ve worked towards more than saying “screw it” ever will.

This isn’t to say we can’t say “I’m struggling and need help”. But rather the narrative around fitness we tell ourselves that remove aspects of grace + perspective. All things considered I’m doing amazing. And I’m really enjoying my training even in this weird transition.

Social media highlights discipline as the person who wakes up at 5 am and jumps into an icey lake hunts down their home grown live stock and eats its raw liver with their hands ripped it out with.

But that’s silly.

Discipline is setting up your environment to make your Choices easier even when “life gets chaotic”. It’s giving yourself grace. It’s having the ability to pullback when needed without saying “screw it all”. It’s humanizing yourself.

The majority of your fitness progress and goals simply come with time … and consistency. Not irregular but perfect training. And showing up even when you’re “struggling” (as in situations aren’t ideal not legit issues I’m not trying to dismiss here) is a superpower that will allow you to keep training for years to come. And set you up for greater success in the seasons of trying to push the needle forward 🤙🏻💪🏻

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