Running on Tired Legs

Listen — at some point in time if you’re training to run for the first time ever, PRing your half marathon or toeing the line of your first ultra ….. your legs will be tired.⁣

Lets just accept this now. The idea your legs will never be tired or sore is just not a thing. It doesn’t mean you’re broken. Or will die if you run.⁣

It either means two things:⁣
1️⃣ Training is just hard. You’re accumulating fatigue. You’re doing something new, or more volume than your body is used to. These are all normal responses to those things.⁣

✌🏻 And two —- you’re trying to do way too much, too soon. Or all the things all at once. Or refusing to eat more or focus on recovery. ⁣

The key difference is — is it once in a while? After something new? Or a volume increase? Or is it all the damn time.⁣

Fatigue accumulation across training is simply normal. This is how we gain fitness. By doing slightly more than we did before over time. Then we take a period of time to recover (deloads, rest days, tapers).⁣

But if we’re ALWAYS sore we’re likely 1) beginners doing too much too soon 2) seasoned lifters trying to add novel running volume to their current lifting volume without adjusting food or lifting volume and 3) just training like ass hats 😂🤪✌🏻⁣

You can run on tired legs & not die. But if you are aggressively fatigue + sore sometimes a lower intensity day, extra rest, or moving that workout to later in the week may be necessary. The goal is not to dig too deep into your recovery. We’re talking 6-10/10 scale of soreness.⁣

But if you did something to make you a bit sore or it’s the end of the block. Your sore/fatigue is 3-6/10 but you’re still moving well, muscle contraction isn’t aggressive slow — you’re fine. Go run. You won’t die.⁣

I also cannot emphasize this enough. If you’re constantly sore look at carbs &/or protein intake. & if you’re doing 90+ min runs need to focus on intra run carbs!⁣

The soreness isn’t the issue.⁣
But the why can be!⁣ Most of the time we may be tired but able to train hard. The odd tired session isn’t bad. But if it’s constant you may simply need to — do less 🤪

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