Running Misconceptions

There’s a common misconception that runners (& women) only need light weight, burn out, banded, high rep work to compliment their training.

Strength ranges are only for serious lifter & heavy weights “leave us sore”.

Leaving most runners 1) under loaded or 2) giving up lifting all together

There’s a few flaws in this thinking I want to unpack for you here if you struggle with this

1️⃣ Volume + novelty = soreness. Higher rep sets = more volume. Changing your workout every week = novelty. See where I’m getting at here?

If we are doing 3×3 at 200 lbs or 3×10 at 150 lbs. While a different stimulus the difference is 1800 vs 4500 lbs of total volume.

If we change our exercise every week we don’t benefit from the repeated hour effect. So our legs & runs are more fatigued + sore.

2️⃣ Bands & light weights are better than nothing or for specific exercises. But for the strength training portion of our lifts runners need & will benefit from the 1-6 strength rep ranges.

You are already doing 100’s of low weight high volume single leg contractions in your training. & if you don’t do hills or speed work are possibly even barely training your high contractile (powerful) muscle fibers.

If you run, you’re an athlete. You can train like one. Heavy weights will both benefit you AND not leave you sore.

3️⃣ You do not need to stop lifting as your running progresses or if your race training. You need volume management. We do not do it all at the same time, we adjust our total volume to what we have time for, can recover from & our goal.

Outside of a few specific considerations, volume management & finding a split that works for you — Lifting for runners doesn’t need to look dramatically different than lifting in general.

The same overall rules apply.

If you struggle with this checkout my TRAIN & HYBRID bundle. Both these ebooks breaking down for you the science of lifting & hybrid training. Teaching you how to train smarter & integrate it with your running.

My TRAIN template has a runner specific split AND my HYBRID guide comes with over 60 different examples of how to set up your weeks based on the season of training you’re going in!

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