Pre/post Workout Nutrition

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Pre and post workout nutrition doesn’t need to be complicated! But will look a little different than your standard daily mixed meal.

The quickest rules of thumb with your pre workout meals is:
• ~60-120 min before you workout.
• 1.2 g/kg of body weight carbs if you’re doing higher volumes of Exercise
• 0.3-0.4 g/kg body weight protein (~20-30g for most of you).
• Minimal to no fiber
• <10g of fat or based on tolerance (I.e. I can tolerate more fat before a lift than a run or WOD).

Where as your standard daily meal will be a mix of protein, carbs & have more fat + fiber when you can take the time to digest these.

Come quick Q’s I know will come up answered ⬇️

Your previous meal can work as your pre workout meal. It didn’t HAVE to be its own meal. Just make sure it has enough protein + carbs, and don’t over do fat or fiber than you have the time to digest before you exercise.

If you workout early in the AM I do recommend getting something in. You don’t HAVE to. But try to get in even 10-15g protein and 20-30 g carbs. This doesn’t need to be a formal meal. A glass of chocolate milk or 1/2 scoop whey. Apple sauce packets. Etc.

Your post workout meal can just be your next regular meal and doesn’t HAVE to be anything fancy. Fiber + fat after a workout won’t be a huge deal for most people. If you’re doing long hard intense endurance or high volume lifting you may consider easier to digest protein + carbs right away.

Protein before your workout matters more than after. I mean it. Get it in! 💪🏻

You don’t have to drink a shake right after a workout but if it’s a habit that helps you meet your protein needs it’s GOOD. You can drink your shake anytime otherwise.

If you have specific fitness goals spacing your protein across the day with 0.3-0.4 g/kg in each meal is *ideal*. But total intake matters more!

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