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Alyssa Olenick, Ph.D. is your host of the Messy Middle Podcast. She is an Exercise physiologist that blends the duo of science & nuance to help create conversations around fitness and wellness that fall between the polarizing ends of the messages we often receive. After all, life is best lived in the messy middle.

EP #17.2: Alyssa’s 100k Race Recap Part 2: The Execution

Alyssa shares her experience from the start line of her 100k, through highs and lows, and too many river crossings to count.

EP #17.1: Alyssa’s 100k Race Recap Part 1: The Preparation

Kait interviews Alyssa on how she prepared, both physically and mentally, for her 100k race.

EP #16: Balance is BS

In this solo episode, Lyss talks more about why balance is bullsh*t.

Ep#15: My Perfect Running Shoe is Not Yours

In this episode with Lyss, she covers all the things you need to know about choosing a running shoe for YOUR foot.

EP #14: Eat the F**king Cookie With Lilly Malardie, MPH

Lilly has a masters in public health and a background in exercise science and is a certified health and wellness coach. She has experience in …

EP #13: Build a Better Workout

In this episode, Lyss goes over over to build a better workout and what that looks like.

Ep #12: Business and Branding like a Boss with Tatum Brandt

Tatum Brandt, Founder of Brandt Creative Co., serves fitness and wellness entrepreneurs in the online space. As an award-winning designer, she loves working with fellow …

EP #11: So, You Want to Run an Ultra?

Alyssa tells you everything you need to know about signing up and preparing for an ultra-marathon race!

EP #10: From the Lab to the Fitness Floor with Dr. Rachelle Reed

Dr. Rachelle Reed holds a PhD in Kinesiology and completed a post doc in Exercise Psychology. She has a knack for public health and behavior …

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Barbell experience needed. Gain strength, develop muscle, and improve overall fitness. Pro includes more volume than LITE for those with more serious strength goals.


An 18 week lifting program that parallels any race training plan. Adjusts volume along with your race peak and taper.

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