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Alyssa Olenick is your host of the Messy Middle Podcast. She is an Exercise Science Ph.D. candidate that blends the duo of science & sass to help create conversations around fitness and wellness that fall between the polarizing ends of the messages we often receive. After all, life is best lived in the messy middle.

EP 38: Race, Discrimination and Family Dynamics Impact on Health with Dr. Mackenzie Minniear

Join us this week for our episode with Dr. Mackenzie Minniear. Dr. Mack and she is a PhD, professor and researcher who works at UGA …

EP 36: Reverse Diet Realities with Alex Maclin

In this episode with Alex Maclin we cover the basics of how to meet yourself where you are at in your nutrition and fitness. With …

EP 35: Lazy Lyss Nutrition

Join us this week as Lyss talks about her approach to nutrition called “Lazy Lyss nutrition”. How she simplifies shopping, making meals & reducing the mental effort of feeding ourselves.

EP 34: Strength Training for Climbers with Dr. Natasha Barnes

Join us for this episode with Dr. Natasha Barnes of Natasha Barnes Rehab. Dr. Barnes grew up a competitive rock climber till a finger injury …

EP 33: Creating Coaching Confidence with Jasmine Braxton

In this episode with Jasmine Braxton of Strong Flexy Healthy we talk about why she decided to pivot from pre-DPT, to personal trainer, to leaving …

EP 32: Running for Health

Join us this week as Lyss talks about how you can incorporate running into your routine for general health. This episode is for those who …

EP 31: Lessons in Boundary Setting with Lyss

Join us this week as Lyss talks about how she approaches setting boundaries, why she does it, where she has struggled, what this looks like …

EP 30: Making the Most of your Mindset With Dr. Karin Nordin

Join us this week for our episode with Dr. Karin Nordin. A curriculum director at Precision nutrition, PhD in Mindset theory and online coach. We …

EP 29: Outdoor Adventure & Zion Planning with Bethany Taylor

In this episode, Alyssa and Bethany chat all things Zion trip, Zion planning and outdoor adventure planning!

The Lyss Method

Lift heavier, run further, train smarter, and learn more. Crush your goals with The Lyss Method, a multi-level style of training designed to help you reach your goals!


A 16 week bodyweight to barbell beginner program. No prior lifting experience is needed. Begin is designed for those who want to build confidence under a barbell.


Barbell experience needed. Perfect to pair with running, climbing, yoga, etc. Gain strength, develop muscle, and improve your overall fitness.


Barbell experience needed. Gain strength, develop muscle, and improve overall fitness. Pro includes more volume than LITE for those with more serious strength goals.


An 18 week lifting program that parallels any race training plan. Adjusts volume along with your race peak and taper.

Running Program

Everything you’ve ever wanted to learn about running, is included in the app! Endure includes the science application of running, sports nutrition, and racing




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