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Nutrition can be complicated.

How much should you be eating? 

What foods should we include in our daily meals? 

And what the heck does our metabolism do?

What if you just want to FUEL better to support your fitness goals? 

How much do you need to eat to gain that muscle you are chasing? 

And for goodness sake – what the heck are macros, and how do you even calculate them?!

We deserve to be well fed for our fitness goals while considering our food preferences, goals, and diet history. But not everyone wants, can afford, or needs a “nutrition coach.” Sometimes we just need a little help. FUEL takes you from “what the heck am I supposed to eat?!” to “this is a lot less complicated than people make it!”



Covering everything from what is a macronutrient, what role carbs, protein, and fat play in our diets, how much we need, and when to eat them. It breaks down the metabolism, how it works, and how to make it work for us! How fad diets “work,” the advantages of a high protein diet, why fiber and veggies are our friends, and more! Fuel also includes a self-paced nutrition coaching prompt mini-guide and meal prep mini-guide!



  1. A 90+ page nutrition ebook.
  2. An easy-to-understand breakdown of macronutrients, micronutrients, energy balance, understanding metabolism, and more.
  3. Supplement basics 101.
  4. Self-coached nutrition guidance with grocery shopping lists and a meal-prep template.


  1. Understand the basics of nutrition.
  2. Learn what macros are, what foods make up each of them, and how to plan your meals in a simple way that is no longer confusing! 
  3. Feel confident knowing that your body isn’t broken and that you can support your goals by fueling your body properly.

The Lyss Method

Lift heavier, run further, train smarter, and learn more. Crush your goals with The Lyss Method, a multi-level style of training designed to help you reach your goals!


A 16 week bodyweight to barbell beginner program. No prior lifting experience is needed. Begin is designed for those who want to build confidence under a barbell.


Barbell experience needed. Perfect to pair with running, climbing, yoga, etc. Gain strength, develop muscle, and improve your overall fitness.


Barbell experience needed. Gain strength, develop muscle, and improve overall fitness. Pro includes more volume than LITE for those with more serious strength goals.


An 18 week lifting program that parallels any race training plan. Adjusts volume along with your race peak and taper.

Running Program

Everything you’ve ever wanted to learn about running, is included in the app! Endure includes the science application of running, sports nutrition, and racing

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