My Secret to Enjoying my Workouts

Kids love to play, move, be active. Run around. Jump in puddles. Squat around digging in dirt. Throwing balls & back yard sports.

Okay maybe I was just too much of a 90’s kid. And I was a massive computer junky (which makes sense with my now social media presence 😅😂) — but my point is when did you stop!?

Hear me out: not everyone has to train and prioritize fitness like an elite athlete. And if you’re doing what you enjoy by all means keep going.

But somewhere along the lines between finishing high school and college so many of us just … stop moving for fun.

We reduce fitness to just forced box checking. Then wonder why we don’t want to stick to that habit or change.

Or we do nothing for a few years and try to pick up things without adapting in and wonder why everything “hurts and sucks”.

But the thing is you have a human body. Which means it’s capable of responding to stress to adapt. Which means it can be + move like + is Athletic. Even if you’re “less athletic” than the elites.

Your genetic potential doesn’t dictate HOW you can move. Which means you can still do FUN things, practice skills, do mixed forms of training & train in more than one domain.

To be honest, this is how most complete training programs look for most athletes. So why not you?

Lifting is important. But can be done in many ways.

Cardio is important. But doesn’t all have to be steady state boredom.

Power training is important … and likely not present in most adults training. But we can change that!

There are endless ways to piece together strength, power & endurance. There are ways to have fun with it. You can train like an athlete. Like a kid.

Your fitness, is allowed to be fun.

& while I suggest we all ramp up/allow our bodies to adapt before swan diving into a power snatch + sprint workout on day one. If we focus on skill development, mixed methods & enjoyment — we’re all a lot more likely to be healthier, more fit & have far more enjoyment with it too.

You ARENT broken if you don’t enjoy working out. But your approach might be!

What does you fitness look like if you trained like an athlete too? If you had fun with it? You tried something new for a few months? 👀👇🏻

Hey, I'm Lyss!

I’m Exercise Physiologist, sports nutritionist, weight lifter, and ultra runner. I am here to bring science to your training in a no-nonsense way. I have helped thousands of women crush big lifting goals, cross race finish lines, and even do both. I’m here to help you do the same!

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