My Exercise Recovery Routine—

My exercise recovery routine—

I’m often asked my exercise recovery routine as I balance a full time job, running my business along side lifting and running.

Often the balance of lifting + running in general leaves people perplexed on how to recover better / more.

The reality is my recovery routine is the really basic boring stuff many of us shy away from because it isn’t exciting, sexy or instant. It’s the same stuff that supports muscle gain, endurance adaptations, body recomposition, whatever your goal is.

If you’re NOT recovering in your training it is MOST likely due to—
1) too much volume
2) not enough food
3) inadequate sleep
4) some combo of these

Many of our @thelyssmethod clients will message us a few months in and say they finally started eating how I suggest and that they are “recovering so much better and making more progress”.

You can’t foam roll, ice bath, red light therapy or theragun your way out of poor training, poor sleep or under eating.

If you’re busy and sleeping poorly and barely eating my best advice is to do a little less. Address those.

If you’re doing a lot and it feels manageable but you’re not recovering well I recommend eating more to see how you feel.

And if you’re exhausted all the time try not doing high intensity workouts everyday and to sleep a little more or at least have a better routine so you can sleep a little better (parents — don’t shoot the messenger 🙈).

And for all of you: managing your training volume & intensity across the week will take you farther than going all out everyday, under eating and never recovering will 💪🏻🤍.

The basics are simple — not easy. But they work. And they are the answer to MANY of your fitness struggles.

Recovery is simply:
☑️ Consistent training at a manageable volume
☑️ a high protein, adequate calorie diet with carbs to match activity
☑️ a healthy sleep schedule
☑️ Intensity & volume distributed across the week
☑️ BONUS: blood flow to your muscles which can be done with a simple walk or light cycle

Train smart. Recover smart. Make progress.

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