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My Advice

I don’t want to talk about your fat loss goal. (An important follow up to my story today).

I didn’t become this 5’1” muscle hamsters of PhD getting mountain climbing ultra running power through chronic dieting. And you won’t either. And it doesn’t have a place on my page.

I don’t do this because I’m anti diet or anti fat loss (I’m not).

And I don’t not do it because it’s out of my scope. (It’s not).

My masters + PhD work is largely in FAT METABOLISM. But the assumption that having expertise in metabolism only = fat loss is … half the problem. Our metabolism do SO MUCH MORE. Both in response to what we eat. Fueling for performance. And during our workouts.

I adore the science of fat metabolism. I know more of it than you care to know.

But I also know from my work that the number one predictor of a “better metabolism” is greater levels of physical activity and increased cardiovascular fitness levels. And this directly relates to and can predict our health outcomes.

I also know that health promoting behaviors In depended of fat loss can make massive improvements in our health — swipe to see my official “position stand”

I don’t hate you if you want to track macros or lose fat. I track my food. I sometimes eat more and sometimes eat less and sometimes take time off tracking at all.

But within my 1000’s of pieces or content helping women get on top of physical mountain’s… deadlift 2x their body weight… or be a more capable parent. They still find fat loss. And that’s half the problem.

You’re an adult who has full autonomy to do what you wish. But there is plenty of that out there. Women’s fitness is so heavily body driven we are given NOTHING ELSE.

I am here to fill that gap.

I created little Lyss fitness (now doc Lyss fitness) to help women with their performance based goals. Or to just be more capable for life. To decrease their disease risk but actually have some fun doing it.

And I understand that my content on sports nutrition or metabolism parallels so much of fat loss content. Because so much of what supports BOTH is the simple basics. Nothing fancy. Not over thinking. And time spent not dieting and investing in some dang muscle.💪🏻

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