Minimal Dose Resistance Training

EXERCISE SNACKS … for lifting? 👀

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NOW — exercise snacks but for lifting. Say it ain’t so! A recent review paper covered the science of lifting & the benefits it has on health outcomes. Especially as we age.

While the internet loves to fight all day on best lifting practices. The reality is engagement lifting and meeting the resistance training guidelines is super low.

Reasons like time, lack of education, accessibility, equipment needed, skill, or fear around lifting are many of the things holding people back. It’s just easier to do cardio. We can’t be mad at people for that.

But what we can do is meet people where they are at and try to help get them loading their bodies in the small ways they can/will. This may result in longer term adherence + even progressing to greater loads/volumes.

It’s worth noting; the evidence on exercise snacks for aerobic benefits is more clear. But we all know no movement is wasted. While if you can LOAD your muscles at higher intensity’s, also know doing what you CAN even if it’s just body weight, Bands or lighter weights is still important for health.

If you have specific muscle or strength goals this may not work. You may not get the full spectrum of health benefits you would with higher volumes. But for basic engagement in resistance training a high frequency ( 5-7x/week) low load (body weight or min equip) low volume (<2 sets/exercises at a time) and low time (<15min) could theoretically work!

I’m a big fan of high intensity minimal dose for my friends who are normal humans with some goals and want the most bang for your buck with your training.

At the end of the day: our goal is to get people to move. A lot of work in our field means so little if we can’t get people to do it!

So for those who are not yet engaging in lifting at all — try this approach. & coaches / other pros — let’s remember “less ideal” always > “nothing at all”. We can do SO much with so little! 💪🏻

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