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Mechanisms of Hypertrophy

*Post adapted from figure from @bretcontreras1 (full credit to him).⁣

The leading driver of hypertrophy aka muscle growth is mechanical tension. So much that some people believe this is the only major regulator of muscle growth and nothing else matters quite as much.⁣

What this means is you simply must progress the load you expose your muscles to over time (increase load =  increase tension on muscle), have a solid mind muscle connection and I would sum this up as quality reps/work.⁣

The rest is sprinkles of muscle damage you’ve often experienced from novelty or increasing ROM (range of motion) leading to things like DOMS and metabolic stress, or the accumulation of metabolites in the muscle which you might know as “feeling the pump brah”.⁣

All these things are important and are going to be what actually gets you the results you seek.⁣

Unfortunately, your favorite fitspo seem to constantly miss the mark on this one. Putting far too much emphasis on “feel good” lifts, workouts and excess volume.⁣ This is often seen through light non challenging loads, high reps, unnecessary high volume days, and anything that “looks and feels hard”.⁣ And at its worst is sold to you as these weird half ass circuits mislabeled as “HIIT” that is just a bunch of jumping around but said to get you your ~dream body~.⁣

While things like booty band work, Burn out sets, and manipulation of rest time can all serve a time/place in a workout plan… it shouldn’t be comprising the majority of it.⁣

This includes chasing constant novelty. If you want variety in your workouts that is perfectly warranted! But consider keeping a few basics to progressive overload in week to week or month to month with loose structure elsewhere.⁣

This is exactly how the The Lyss Method is set up! A workout program founded on these simple strength + hypertrophic principles; with enough consistency for you to actually see progress AND enough novelty to keep it interesting (because I know that matters to you for adherence too).⁣

Let’s break the fitspo cycle, what do you say?

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