Lowering Your Barrier to Exercise

The most optimal thing you can do is to meet physical activity guidelines.

That’s it.

Low levels of physical activity is a “panini of its own” some can say. The thing is — most people know exercise is good for them. We don’t need to drill this into their heads more.

But helping others AND ourselves with grace move more in was that seems practical is where we start!

I share this mostly as we approach the winter / holiday season. It’s okay to feel the need to “do less” but we don’t want to “do nothing”.

The best thing you can do is whatever lets you do what needs done.

If you’re not working out at all and group fitness is the only thing that gets you out the door go do it.

If you’re a runner who knows they need to strength train but refuses to touch a weight then by all means do what you can with a band + your body.

If your new to running and zoooming through all your runs is what gets you going then do that.

Obviously, no ones saying to train irresponsibility. But simply reduce whatever barrier is stopping you from moving more. If that’s a silly 293828 hour pre lift mobility routine, or an unnecessarily long warmup, or too many accessory sets. Cut it.

Maybe not forever.
But for now.
Maybe for a season.
Or even a week.

Yes “discipline is important”.
& yes there are more optimal ways to do things.
But these often come secondary to actually … getting started. Doing the thing.

(& I’ll be here when you’re ready to learn more 😉🤘🏻♥️)

You don’t have to start as a perfectly macro counting 4x/week lifter with an ideal split and perfect understanding of RPE.

You’re allowed to start however you need to + learn along the way.

The most important thing we need to do is simply move.
Make this as easy as possible for you to do if it feels like an impossible task.

You’ve got this 👊🏻♥️

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