Long Run Nutrition 101

If you’re headed out for a long run this weekend and sick of heading straight to bonk city this is for you!

Once your runs start to get into ~90+ minutes you want to be implementing an intra run nutrition strategy. Basically my friends training for a half marathon and longer!

You want to start early + often. Both in the run (starting 15 min in) & in your training so your gut can handle it (💩).

Carbs + water + electrolytes are the big three you want to focus on.

I love @tailwindnutrition and @humagel (linked in my Amazon store front in my bio) for intra run carbs. But there’s endless sports nutrition products out there.

And we all know I love @liquidiv with 500mg electrolytes + glucose in there as well. (Code: DOCLYSSFIT for 20% off). Electrolytes are important and ESPECIALLY in the heat/high sweat loss times.

Water is important and you don’t need to carry a trail pack around but a hand held bottle or belt (see my @ultimatedirectionusa highlight and link to support me in my bio) can be super helpful. We talk a lot about keeping our heart rate down, and hydration plays a big role in that!

Otherwise you want to minimize your fat intake before and during your runs. Obviously for those who run ultras we know at some point you’re likely eating some fat. But this can slow down your digestion & carb uptake from your gut. Ideally you’re consuming mostly carbs during your endurance events with small tolerable protein/carb amounts that may be in more “whole food” products if that’s your thing.

Similar rules apply to other sports. Cycling may allow you to eat more due to less stomach movement vs running — where your gut is bouncing around.

Higher intensities will decrease stomach blood flow. Aiming for liquid, gel or easy calories you can tolerate is key. But you gotta eat.

If you’re always complaining you’re not recovering from your long runs — INTRA CARB INTAKE.

A good nutrition strategy can make your training easier + better + more recoverable. And there’s no “saving those calories for later” around here.

For more checkout my free running nutrition calc linked in my IG bio + IGTV on most commonly asked carb & running questions.

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