Lifting & Race Training 

STRENGTH + ENDURANCE; a beautiful & conflicting friendship.⁣

For many traditional runners they come from a land of 0 strength training at risk of their precious speed/endurance complimented by my lifting loving friends who want to try out that running thing but terrified they can’t lift during that time.⁣

While interference in the metabolic pathways tell us we likely can’t be the best at both, preservation at both ends of the spectrum exist. If you currently lift you can run & not lose everything, if you currently run you can lift in a strength focused fashion & it will likely enhance your performance unless you go “full bro”. ⁣

With of course — many of these messages being confusing for the gen pop race lovers who are missing out on the incredible benefits of resistance training out of fear or misinformation.⁣

Which brings us to the question I get most often “LYSS HOW THE HECK DO WE BALANCE THE TWO!!”. And while that answer 100% depends on your time you can spend training each week, previous training history, + your long term goals — this figure here is a normal idea of how this will look!⁣

Your race training is going to follow a pattern of slow base building, a peaking block, deload into race day!

Simply, you don’t need bro bicep curls to maintain strength as your running volume increases. & the % of your efforts will slowly go more toward running + less towards lifting to maximize recovery both from these hard efforts, but before your longest runs during your peak.⁣

You can maintain or even gain quite a bit of strength during that first 1/2 of your training! It slowly drops as your volume increases, then goes away entirely the last 7-21 days to maximize muscle recovery prior to your race.⁣

The longer the distance or volume of your running, or personal time limits the sooner that shift may happen. That’s okay, that’s why we take lifting focused off seasons right! 🏋🏼‍♀️⁣

Smart HYBRID training works WITH you not against you. Checkout my ebooks that teach you HOW!

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