Lifting + Endurance in the Same Session


Let’s look at a recent meta-analysis (a study of all the studies) looking at the effect of concurrent training (having strength + endurance in the same season, week, or program). ⁣

As I’ve repeated time & time — MOST people & athletes are not so niched that they are ONLY doing strength or ONLY doing endurance. If anything, the latter use strength to support their performance. & not having the cardio of a potato can help lifting.⁣

I digress. They separated out each study population into 3 groups. Untrained, moderately trained & trained. I defined these here. YES, these are maybe not the best but classifying training status is hard—the end.⁣


Here is how they defined what each training status meant / was for your own comparison if desired.

Untrained: no involvement in regular activity for 3+ months prior
⁣Moderately trained: Recreationally active but no structured program for 3+ months prior.

Trained: Participate in regular structured training at least 3+ months prior.

However, I would say if you are fully sedentary/below exercise guidelines — sedentary. Actually, do some exercise most days of the week, even if not super structured for the last 6-12+ months — moderate. And anyone training at higher volumes 7-10+ hours/week structured you move into trained or even highly trained. ⁣

What did they find? That there did appear to be a same session impact on lower body 1RM when done in the same session in moderately to trained individuals!⁣

HA told you this is a scammer liar. ⁣

NOT so fast, it appears this impact is more apparent when done immediately back to back (<20 min) & goes away when separated by 2+ hours (4-8 hrs is often also tossed around as a solid recovery window between same day sessions). ⁣

This goes in alignment with some other theories on mixed training. Where the ability to mix these and make progress in both is likely in basically all beginners & most intermediate trainees, but yes, of course, if you want to be elite or push the limits of one thing, you’ll have to specialize.⁣

BUT WE CAN DO BOTH! + get better in both if we pair it intelligently. Not to mention recover & refuel from these well. ⁣

MOST of you likely 1) ARENT fit enough to worry about it yet. Keep training & showing up! 2) Time demands may become more of a factor than the training itself! ⁣

In my ebook, HYBRID we break down more of this science + show you HOW🤘🏻

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