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It’s Hot Girl Summer

No seriously, we are dying someone send help.

Save this for later + share with a friend who’s struggling this summer! ⁣

If your runs suddenly got slower, harder, more miserable and you cannot keep your heart rate down to save your dang life then we’ll — YOU’RE NOT BROKEN. ⁣

Stop beating your self up right now. Accept it for what it is…. ARMPIT SZN BABY. ⁣

If you’re in the northern hemisphere// US right now then likely it’s HOT. And if you’re in the mid-west/east coast? Oh baby that HUMIDITY 💦!⁣

Have no fear… science does actually give us an explanation for why our training is trash city. Sweating is a mechanism our bodies use to dissipate heat. We’re rerouting blood from our digestive organs to the skin and releasing heat from our activity. ⁣

Heat for one means we need to release more and humidity means it’s harder, so we sweat more. All this together means we’re hot + losing water.⁣

Our blood plasma contains a good bit of water. And since our blood is what delivers oxygen from our lungs to our active muscles, it’s pretty important. ⁣

But as we sweat we lose this, blood volume drops + heart rate goes up! Aka we have to work harder at the same pace/former intensity. Without proper hydration during training this can slowly increase with time!⁣

Some ways to work with this are to let your body adapt, HYDRATE, supplement with electrolytes (I use @liquidiv code DOCLYSSFITNESS = 25% off) & make sure we have enough carbs in/around our workouts! (And maybe drop fats in that pre workout meal 🤢).⁣

If you want more help with this my best selling ebook ENDURE has a heat + humidity calculator that helps you find out how much your pace will be impacted by your local weather! + more tips for heat training!⁣

Link to snag ENDURE. ⁣

How are your summer runs going? 🤪👇🏻

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