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In the Process of Our Obsession with Not Obsessing Over Our Bodies…

Caption down below…

In the process of trying to get women to de-focus so much on their bodies within their fitness I worry sometimes we end up still hyper focusing on that instead.

This is not me saying we shouldn’t have positive conversation around body acceptance or rather neutrality. Nor is it a comment on the POBO movement — that isn’t my lane.

What it is is a call to action for active females to reframe how we address our bodies relation to their goals and fitness.

But what would happen if we just didn’t discuss it so often? We just led with ownership and without tying our bodies to what they can do.

Of course, bodies are what are driving performance and can never be fully separated. I am not implying that owning your strong legs that let you squat heavy is bad.

But rather this obsession for owning our bodies abilities despite looking or being X or Y. Saying you ran your first 5k even though your “not built like a runner” is not a true statement. Because you ran the race. Your body was never a limit, and you’re still tying the worth of your progress to breaking a rule that was never there.

Instead of proving that lifting doesn’t make us bulky what if we just own being strong and having muscle.

If we want to stop thinking about our bodies constantly we need to stop talking like they are the primary driver of everything we do. While yes, our bodies are driving our movement. It’s not their existence but instead how we train them and stress them and recover them that plays a far greater role in what they can do.

Yes bodies play a role.
But they don’t have to be center stage all the damn time.
We can just be fit or celebrate our fitness with out the but***.

And yes of course no women don’t have to purse athletic or performance goals & can move however they want. But that isn’t my niche. I’m not speaking to them. But I hope one day if they decide they want to challenge their capacity without a caveat — they are welcome to.

They can perform as they are.
Without accepting what they can do as defying rules that were never real.

And if we want more women to own this we need to show up — who and as we are. Without constantly centering our own bodies in this change.

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