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If You “Want Variety in Your Fitness”…

Caption down below…

People talk a lot about how they don’t like to train X way because they get bored.

And while some sort of fitness routine will need some degree of repetition, specifics & practice of x skill if you want to do X skill hear me out ….

What if X wasn’t the only thing you did?

Hybrid training or concurrent training or multiple domains training or whatever you want to call it is simply —- this.

I don’t get bored with my fitness. Because I don’t just do one thing.

I WILL and do consistently and progressively and across time practice and get better at or stronger with individual skills.

But it’s not the only thing I’m doing that week, month, block or year of training.

I make my fitness fun.
I make it smart.
But I don’t *just* do one thing.

In return I yes “get fun variety and no more boredom” blah blah blah.

But carry over into all the other things I love to do.

The fitness industry will tell you you can ONLY body build or only power lift or only run or only whatever.

I call bullshit.

Yes—- if you want to specialize specialize.

But if you want variety there are practical, smart actually effective ways to have it that aren’t jsut doing random different workouts all the time.

You can have “both”. But you still have to show up and endure some degree of consistency or “boredom” too.

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