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How to recover better from your workouts

“Besides sleep and food what else can I do for recovery”. — something I’m asked every Q&A. So let’s dive in!⁣

First— you guys are gonna hate me when you get to that conclusion slide 😉. ⁣

Improving recovery from or between workouts is a popular topic. Especially when we’re thinking of athletes, multi day/session workouts or alas our basic gen pop selves 😂🤟🏻⁣

There’s common approaches we all see. Such as Ice baths, compression, etc. I get a sassy “BUT IF ICE DOESN’T WORK WHY DO ATHLETES DO IT” response often. But it doesn’t NOT work — just now how you want it to. ⁣

When we talk about exercise damage + recovery we look at a few things. Creatine Kinase & blood lactate levels are one assessed here. We can also look at things such as force production & force recovery – the “true” marker of recovery but a BIT harder to assess.⁣

A current review paper looked at active vs passive (doing nothing) recovery and did find it DOES favorite active recovery, decrease CK and BLC + cold water & food are effective at this.⁣

But this doesn’t mean it’s a GOOD thing. Acutely this is effective! But another meta looking at post exercise active recovery are meh 🤷🏼‍♀️. & while they are shown to decrease blood lactate may not decrease muscle lactate persay. But may offer a slightly more benefit than none.⁣

& other data on cold immersion suggesting this blunted response it offers is actually possibly detrimental to muscle recovery/adaptation/repair. Which may be why we see it in competitions vs training.⁣

Overall— sadly you’re going to have to likely just do the unsexy work. Maybe don’t go full potato right away post workout. Eating is still a good thing. Manage the volume you CAN recover from (this will decrease this too 😂👏🏻). Recover. Sleep. Repeat.⁣

And you guys thought I was gonna reveal some big secret didn’t ya? 😂🤪🏃🏼‍♀️🏋🏼‍♀️

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