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How to Make 3 Days of Lifting WORK

A lot of questions this week on how to even make 3 days of lifting WORK. Or not spend 5-6 days a week in the gym to make progress.

Some really easy ways to set this up are simply:

full body 2-3 days a week

full + full + upper for 3x/week. I like this for people running, use in TLM frequently or my own training.

On the contrary if you have leg growth goals and aren’t doing a lot of endurance could always do full + full + lower. But there’s a handful of ways to set up a 3 day a week split.

Similarly 4 days a week has more options but an upper / lower / upper / lower works. I also like a full / full / upper / lower.

While total volume matters most. I personally like spreading things out over 2-3 lifts to increase the frequency if you’re doing less lifts. This also helps you manage volume or soreness or fatigue workout to workout. This is key for my friends also combining lifting with running, endurance, CrossFit, etc where you’re using your legs a lot in other ways too.

You body doesn’t know the split you do. So don’t over think it. It just knows what you’ve done. That you put a stress on it to adapt to.

We go over all this in TRAIN — where I help teach you HOW to program your own workouts. What to consider. What goes into it. And even give you templates for 2, 3 or 4 days a week of lifting with drop down exercise lists based on movement type so you’re spreading things out across the week. You just pick the exercise, reps and sets and GO.

This is a great option for people not quite ready to make the jump into @thelyssmethod or just want to understand lifting for once.

You can find it on my website always. Head to my b!o > swipe to ebooks and programs or doclyssfitness.coM/training

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