How I Simplify My Wardrobe

LAZY LYSS… fashion?⁣

Any time I post about my “journey” of simplifying my wardrobe the last few years or my outfits, I get an odd amount of questions for a girl who legit dresses like a middle-aged woman who lives in Boulder with 3 kids named evergreen, pine, and kale. But I digress.⁣ I gathered up the questions I always get and answered them here.⁣

For context, I think it’s important to add I started this “journey” when I was making like 1K a month, in debt, and living offside babysitting $. That is not my situation now. So none of this is implying you must go buy expensive things because they are nicer. I encourage you to wear your own closet and add slowly but intentionally.

I didn’t grow up with $$$ and had a bad habit of buying a ton of cheap clothes that were in season for like 6 months or fell apart easily.⁣ I would first try to sell and use that $ to buy nicer or more simple items. But LESS. Think 1 to replace 5.

I now try to shop more intentionally. Asking if what I’m buying is a WANT vs need or a true “yes” item. Aka not just another version of something I can get any time. I don’t always get it right, I have a few items in my closet I didn’t HAVE to get and just try to make use of them as I have them now!⁣

I keep the way I dress simple. It reduces mental effort (a major theme in my life) and is tbh just less stressful. You may not like my style or want to dress like me so please apply these to YOUR style.

I have most things here or my ‘stuff I wear’ highlight. But keep in mind ⭐️ I no longer link everything I own ⭐️. These tips are to hopefully help you apply to this YOUR shopping, YOUR needs and YOUR life. Not buy everything you see someone wear on IG. 💞💞

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