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How do you BaLaNcE it all?

You don’t.

Hybrid training or concurrent training or adding more cardio to your lifting or becoming a runner as a lifter or whatever YOU want to call it isn’t a balance.

Balance assumes equally weighed. They aren’t & sometimes your overall volume is higher and other times lower across the year.

When I hear this what I actually hear is “I’m trying to do all the things and I can’t do it”. You are asking for sustainability — not balance.

This is why an aerobic base & strength base are at the bottom of my “Hybrid fitness priorities pyramid” AND I recommend a seasons approach (see my posts on that; or ebook HYBRID).

I love you my friend but you’re trying to do too much at once. Too much too soon. Or adding on to a non-established fitness routine.

You first need to find + followe a sustainable training plan of lifting or running or LESS of both first. This needs to meet your current fitness levels (& what you can recover from) AND fit your weekly time demands.

THEN from there you can slowly start adding on whichever of the two you want or need more of slowly. As your fitness level increases the volume you can handle increased. Finding where you can fit this in your week realistically matters here too.

Your HYBRID fitness is limited more by 1) your fitness 2) time you have weekly. Not a perfect balance.

It’s about meeting your self where you are at IN your goals & current level. Maybe being okay with being a beginner in one area OR both. And slowly increasing with time.

There is no one sized fits all approach; if all comes down to your current priority (strength vs running), future priorities (what you need to work on now vs later) & what you can handle (fitness + time).

It’s okay if it doesn’t look perfect yet. & you’ll never be the best at both at once. The goal is to get better with TIME. Lots of it.

If you’re struggling with this hit the link in my bio to checkout HYBRID. My ebook that teaches you the why + how behind this training. With over 60 example weekly splits for every fitness level based on your current goals + season you’re in + time you have to train!

Or head to littlelyssfitness.com/hybrid

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