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How Active Am I?

“What’s my activity factor!” “How active and I” “how much do I need to eat”.

**figure is exercise per day not week**

All questions I’m asked all the time so be sure to SAVE THIS + share with someone else who NEEDS this answered.

While these are not cold cut guidelines and likely have some overlap & intensity can move things forward — this is a ROUGH gauge of how active one is within their daily fitness habits.

🌟 This does not factor in highly active or laborious jobs, feet/bike commutes, jobs on the feet etc so please always accommodate & consider YOUR lifestyle. A single chart reference is just that.

Along with just because you work a sedentary job it doesn’t mean your 2 hour workouts = no activity.

People will often under rank their activity when it comes to calculating food intakes to stay conservative due to fear of over eating. As well as over estimate how much/hard their workouts actually are. So be honest with your self 🙌🏻👏🏻

A good coach can help you do this if you’re struggling with it! ( for my nutrition coach recs)

If you’re using an online macro calculator (such as my own — it’s free, link in my bio!) your best bet is to simply find what is CLOSETS & start there. Calculators aren’t going to be perfect and simply starting + getting feedback is the best way to solo this thing.

& you don’t have to make knowing your activity level about food intake although I hope you’re fueling to match it! But if you’re curious about where your current exercise falls this chart may be handy.

We may find our activities change across the week. This can be normal! And rest days are important and aren’t a “non activity day” to our bodies. Aim for the average or where you most frequently fall + moving to some degree everyday! #stupidlittlewalkformystupidlittlehealth

& this changing with seasons of training or goals is perfectly normal too. This post isn’t here to say there’s more merit to being highly active vs moderately. But simply time + intensity play into the factors of the stress we’re putting on our bodies!

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Where do you fall / feel best? 👇🏻

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