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High Intensity Interval Training

High intensity interval training, sprint interval training, metabolic conditioning, Tabata, anything like that are great for you and your health. While they get a lot of slack for being “too intense” we have to consider a few key factors:

1) High intensity is an issue when over used as the main or only form of movement OR excessively/abused/we’re doing a lot of workouts.

2) We need to eat enough to support higher volumes of higher intensity if we’re worried about its stress on our hormonal health.

3) What we cannot achieve with time… we can do with intensity! Meaning those who aren’t able to do higher volumes of other training can “do a lot with a little” here.

There is a reason exercise guidelines say “150 min of moderate or 75 min of vigorous activity”. For basic health — the harder you go the less you need. For training it’s slightly different!

I bring up the walking analogy not because I’m knocking walking. But some well-intended fitness messages tend to paint walking as an equal “swap”, suggest lower intensity stuff is “less harmful” or say that moderate to high intensity cardio is “bad for fat loss”, or other statements of the like.

I’m writing this caption on a walk — I suggest you walk more & move more. But I also encourage you to do some intensity too! It doesn’t have to be a lot either. Especially so if the bulk of your cardio/ non-lifting movement is walking.

The physiological adaptations are different. High intensity exercise can be uniquely potent for our health OR deliver the same health benefits of more time consuming movement in a more intense but smaller time demand.

Keep doing your walks … but do some intensity too 💪🏻. Your metabolic health, cardiovascular health, training, fitness & body will thank you!

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