Help, My Zone 2 is Walking

HELP… my zone 2 is walking. Or maybe… your heart rate spikes when you just think about running.

I get it. I hear you. I know it’s frustrating!

First off — here’s the thing. You’re an adult and you don’t *have* to run slow or use zones or your heart rate or RPE. You have full autonomy to just … run. And zones go beyond just heart rate. In ENDURE we use them along side other metrics and tools too.

BUT heart rate, sustained heart rate and how it recovers IS a pretty powerful metric when it comes to our aerobic fitness. One way to develop aerobic fitness and to be able to exercise at an easier and less stressful intensity is unfortunately … doing the thing that seems impossible in the moment. Low heart rate / easy zone running.

For many of you the tough love you need to hear is — your “easy” pace is not as easy as you think. You may need walk:run OR if you’re a beginner just need to start running for a little and not stress about zones *quite* yet.

Zone 2 running or lowering your heart rate on your easy runs or easy running in general isn’t just something you show up and do. It takes months — it’s the result of multiple physiological adaptations. NOT just your heart rate lowering in the moment. Your heart rate gets lower during Exercise because your body gets better at delivering + using oxygen more efficiently. So it doesn’t need as much blood pumped out faster to get it.

These benefits can come from both lower and higher intensity work. But we can accumulate a ton of volume and adaptations and specific but unique ones here!

No your heart rate spiking won’t kill you — just try to calm your self, take a few controlled breaths. Focus on your cadence and actually RUNNING your easy runs not slogging and dragging through them. Zone 2 isn’t passive work, it’s still intentional efforts.

It does get easier with time. Lots of time and lots of miles or time doing endurance. I promise!

If you’re still frustrated with easy Running & zone running my friends—SNAG ENDURE. This ebook is packed with the answers to everything you ever wanted to know on how to make running easier, how to lower your heart rate & when to also run hard💪🏻. Save $10 right now with code ZONE2

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