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FREE RESOURCE. // I spent today putting together this resource based on my communities questions, confusions, concerts and curiosity around their own menstrual cycle + reproductive health + contraception following yesterdays hearings.

This isn’t a perfect or exhaustive resource but it is my best effort to help everyone here educate themselves further on the menstural cycle, contraceptives & general pregnancy or menstruation related health. It largely is also a link bank to resources who have complied these things better than I for you to learn further.

I deeply believe in education. But also recognize it isn’t a one sized fits all solution to pregnancy prevention or intentional conception. Or 100% perfect. It’s only a part of a greater effort. But it’s one I am able to contribute.

It’s not branded — no logos — no email needed to access. This isn’t to remove association with my brand but rather so I don’t indirectly benefit from this. That isn’t the point. The point is do take some action that helps my community. This includes not just women, menstruating individuals, those AFAB, non binary or trans individuals who can conceive but also the cis-men of this industry too 😉 .

I will put the link in my stories & bio. Comments are turned off simply to honor my planned weekend off social media but also because I really am not asking for praise for this. It’s the *best* and least I can do for this community. 🤍

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