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F**k It Nation

You don’t have to start your New Years goals this week.

You don’t have to work this week.

You don’t have to do anything you want this week because you’re an adult with autonomy and this is just one post that may or may not fit your life right now.

But you also do not need to spend this week Swan diving into f**k it nation because you “over ate” or “missed a few workouts” or have been “off with X habit” the last week or even month.

The final week of the year SHOULD be used for reading, recovering, reflection, friends, enjoyment, whatever you desire. I’m not implying we go all out hard work grind mode this week either.

But if doesn’t need to be a giant week off massive self destructive choice only because you feel like saying f**k it after the last few days/weeks. (Unless you know, you genuinely want that then you do you).

I like calling the last week of the year f**k up free week. It feels like the one week of the year people actually give themselves a pass or grace for not being 120% on and perfect.

When we should anticipate that we’re going to f**k up 101 times next year and mess up or goals or fall short or fall behind.

We can wait till next week to dial back the intensity. Or even start if you really love the Jan 1st thing!

But we can use this week to practice a skill we can hopefully bring into 2022 and beyond. Giving our selves grace + being nice to ourselves + extending self compassion when we want to 1) say f**k it all 2) mess up 3) weren’t 120% on 4) our brains or lives mess with us.

We can enjoy this pause. Use it to reflect on the past year and dream and plan for a better year ahead.

But we don’t need to spend it over consuming or over resting or over avoiding things we normally enjoy from a place of self loathing or hate or defeat or whatever.

You don’t HAVE to do anything heroic. This week or next or ever if you don’t want to. But if you do have big goals for 2022 or beyond — you deserve to practice the self compassion it takes to not swan dive into this extreme anytime something is off. To quit at any mistakes. To immediately say f**k it.

Drink a big glass of water.
Take a deep breath.
You’ve got this 👊🏻♥️

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