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Fitness Goal – Enjoyment or Outcome Based?

Sometimes the work that needs done is the harder thing we “don’t like” or “less fun”.

This is not me saying to punish yourself with exercise or do things you hate. Enjoyability is an important aspect of exercise and even if you’re training for big goals I hope you make that process FUN.

But sometimes — it isn’t. And that’s okay. We’re human. This doesn’t mean you hate your goal or sport. Sometimes it’s just simply work that needs done.

I love to run. I really do. But at the end of big race training cycles I can tell you that the Sunday runs I do after my Saturday long runs are the most dreaded thing in the universe. I rather do anything else. But those miles need ran. And that’s okay.

Just like I don’t always love my boring accessory work that *take forever* but know I need.

Or … doing the workout or exercise you’re not as good at and instead wanting to do the thing you’re better at… which is arguably always more “fun”.

When we get honest with ourselves on our main priorities we can accept that 1) we may want enjoyment over specific outcomes and that’s okay but 2) if we have specific goals we’re going to have to do specific things and sometimes we’ll have mental funks here.

This is why I like a seasons approach to training or keeping variability high or fun wherever I can when I can in training — so the times I have to button it up I’m less mentally fatigued.

Which for me looks like a lot of CrossFit and cross conditioning vs only running in “off seasons”. Or using race blocks to dial in my OLY skill work. Or sometimes just accepting and doing the work for what it is.

Your training should be fun most of the time. But sometimes it’s just not sexy — that’s a lie sold to you by social media largely. Sometimes it’s just work.

& the irony of it all? Once you step back from it … you end up missing it after a while too.

So whatever you’re training for — get honest. And get after it my friends 🤍🙌🏻

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