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Females in Sport or Health Science Research

The constant dismissal of any & all data or science done on females in sport or health science is not productive.

Yes, we have massive sex gaps in our field. Our paper showed this. And there is a position stand, commentary or review that mentions this every other month it seems. It IS important!

But what I’m seeing with the rise of this awareness within the fitness / health / wellness niches is using this to leverage 1) an unproven hypothesis as fact 2) spread misinformation 3) imply female or menstruating trainees are not humans because they’re not men.

The basic barebones knowledge of training — good training — applies to us. Sex gaps actually are a bit more clear, it’s the impact of cycle that isn’t as clear as people want (and hopefully will be some day!) that has people confused and up in arms.

But we have to stop acting like we don’t KNOW things or there’s NO data. We can pull from what we have and use best informed practices and evidence based tools ALONG SIDE being good coaches or trainers who take the same client first approach we should be anyways.

And instead of always dismissing everything because it “is only done in males”, ask your self if you really even know what that means? Do you actually know what has or hasn’t be done in women … 🤔. Or are you just regurgitating something that feels flashy to say.

If we want to make this field better we need action taking not just complaining. Brining awareness and tools and approaches with what we DO know and have.

Here I have action items to take if you really are very upset with this or care. I know I do. I made the choice to peruse female physiology on my own. I figured it out. So can you 💪🏻 .

If you’re a researcher who has no idea how to study this — read these papers. And support your female peers. Especially in child bearing years.

If you’re a student who doesn’t know how to participate or get involved with research — email your professors or TA’s. & be less critical of women professors 😉.

Everyone else — donate, participate, support.

This isn’t going to be fixed in a few years. It’s a long game. Research is slow. But it IS happening. Support it 💪🏻

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