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Over the last few months we’ve chatted quite a bit on this concept of exercise snacks. Or small doses of exercise across the day that improve or preserve outcomes of our health such as fat oxidation, VO2 max, vascular function & metabolism.

Its important to note however that with reduced TIME you’re going to have to match that trade off with INTENSITY in these protocols here. This doesn’t mean lower intensity exercise breaks like a mid day walk or such ARENT good for you. They are! There is NO time minimum on beneficial exercise.

It’s also important to note these don’t replace or replicate formal exercise. But are great at maintaining or gaining small bits of benefits ESPECIALLY if you’re otherwise sedentary, walking <7k steps a day, or in a season of less exercise.

Here are 4 protocols used in different studies. Largely stair walking across the day, or short all out sprints!

Stairs are such a sneaky and amazing tool to get intensity mixed into your day if you have access to them or are able to take them! They require a bit of power + are more metabolically demanding than flat walking.

Try these out and let me know if they help you get more active or tag a friend below who these may help get moving 💪🏻

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