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Exercise is My Superpower

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In my many years of this app my ability to “balance fitness and X and Y” comes up a lot. But here’s the thing, for me — there is no X or Y or Z or Q without exercise.

I have always exercised. And while that has always looked different during different seasons of life and it’s priority in the context to the rest changes with those — it still remains one.

Exercise improves my sleep quality.

And when my sleep quality goes up my mood, productivity, happiness, ability to recover, be less anxious & slow down improve

When I exercise my appetite signals are more clear. So I do a better job at feeding my body that supports me through so much.

When I exercise my brain feels clearer. It often becomes a form of meditation for me (especially cardio). I manage my stress and wild thoughts and practice groundedness and learn to focus in and execute in the gym. Which transfers to my life.

In the gym I learn how to fail and take chances and show back up. I learn self trust. I learn to love the slow process. I learn to celebrate the small wins. All which make me better at life.

Pushing my body beyond its comfort zone allows so much else I used to find uncomfortable feel easier. My ability to mentally endure is stronger.

While fitness doesn’t have to be another productivity hack — it is a powerful catalyst to improve your whole life.

We often think “I don’t have time or energy to move” when moving more gives us the energy we need to do the things that save us time, rest better and make us feel damn better.

I get it. It’s hard to see that if you don’t quite “know it” yet.

And it doesn’t need to be fancy. Or formal. Start with a 30 minute walk or yoga or whatever feels accessible to you in the sun. Focus on your breath. Do something that makes you a little uncomfortable if you can. Build with time. Adjust with seasons.

Fitness will change with seasons of life. I know mine has. I know it will continue too. This post isn’t meant to minimize real obstacles — one’s beyond this post’s intended reader.

But I always know this to be true— if I want to feel good and live hard and do the things I love and work hard — it has to include movement too. 👊🏻

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