Exercise is About More Than Just Muscle

Muscle is an important organ when it comes to our metabolic health. It’s a biggest glucose storage organ (aka we can store carbs here) and therefore plays a major role in the management of blood sugar, insulin & health.

But … what about the rest of our organs?

When it comes to metabolic health we often think of our heart and muscle. But other organs like your pancreas (insulin secretion), liver (glucose and fat metabolism), blood vessels (oxygen and nutrient delivery and adipose tissue (glucose and fat metabolism, hormone secretion) ALL also play a role here.

Novel tiny muscle messengers called myokines have been coming out as these powerful little messengers what help our muscles talk to these other organs across the body, resulting in positive adaptations. It’s important to note some of these ‘messengers’ are technically a part of the acute inflammatory response to exercise which IS a good thing (vs. chronic inflammation).

While this is mostly just info to you all, and not actually “how to do this” — I think much of social media misses these components in their communication to you and your exercise.

Every small bout of activity counts and every workout has an IMMEDIATE and positive effect— even if you don’t “see it”. These adaptations overtime result in improved fitness — which results in improved health.

Your fitness status IS a health marker IMO.

And we want this coming from BOTH the development of new muscle tissue but also the refinement of it through cardio. For metabolic health it’s clear — DO BOTH. Luckily for you all that’s what I teach you how to do here.

The response to exercise at a whole body level is INCREDIBLE— and it’s all happening inside you! Even when you don’t feel it. Grow muscle, lose fat if you desire — but don’t forget the adaptations to every organ in your body that happen independent of these changes simply from exercise training.

These are the things that “boost your metabolism”. Spend your efforts getting FITTER— a lot of the rest (sometimes alongside other healthcare approaches) will take care of itself once you do that .

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