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LETS TALK ELECTROLYTES// do you really NEED @liquidiv —⁣

I get a lot of questions on liquid IV! Which I take *almost* daily or use to supplement during running or hiking. Half of this comes because some people promote electorate supplements as something that will kill you, as absolutely necessary for all ORRRR you’re questioning me which to that I say — bravo. Critical thinking city!⁣

So let’s break it down. Electrolytes are simply little charged minerals in our bodies that do a whole bunch, but in the context of health/fitness help in:⁣

1) fluid balance by helping move water and nutrients in and out of our cells through concentration gradients (high to low) or with little pumps (appreciate my art work please). ⁣

2) Muscle contraction! Yay! ⁣(think: gym pump here too! 💪🏻)

Sodium is what gets a bad rep here since high sodium diets are common, and can impact those with high blood pressure. I cannot reiterate enough if this is you talk to your doctor before using these👏🏻⁣

But sodium actually helps us a whole bunch when we are working out a ton or losing fluid + salt via sweat. Electrolyte supplementation is simply a way to replace this!⁣

Much like our miss view on carbs, electorates ARENT necessarily good or bad but needs are dependent on activity levels. The RDA is ~500mg/day, but during heavy endurance or sweaty exercise we can need up to 300-500 mg per HOUR. So yes my mom isn’t going to need as much sodium as me daily, running, or a heavy long GA summer lift.⁣

So simply @liquidiv is that. A solid mix of sodium, potassium & glucose that helps our body maintain fluid balance + take water up into its cells. It’s just a really good tasting product that gets the job done 🤟🏻⁣

I drink one each morning per workout and if I am sweating a lot a second after. Some days I drink none. Just depends on the day!⁣

LITTLELYSSFIT always saves you 25%! But as always there’s endless brands to shop & you can get salt in via diet as well. ⁣

So hopefully you learned something! Do you use electrolytes? 👇🏻

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