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Eating Like a Toddler

When in doubt — in the side salad we trust.

While someone will without a doubt take this as me telling grown adults to eat like bland children. Tis not the point my friends.

Simply that “life happens” and when we’re not prepared or falling behind or cooking seems like the end of the world — simple meals + add a side salad.

There are some pretty convenient “healthy” chicken nuggets, pizza, fries, pre made meals, pre prepped chicken, etc out there for easy grab and go.

A toss in the air fryer, microwave or oven + a side salad = 👨‍🍳 💋

While reducing our overall processed food consumption IS ideal — periods of eating where it seems like it’s bland city with no veggies in site as we try to stay afloat are my favorite to simply … add a side salad.

Keep toppings pre cut. Easy grab mix. And keep it in eye sight in your fridge. Grab a handful, top with a few fun things, dressing… done!

Toddler + side salad magic — keeping our micros and fiber and health in mind while doing what we can to keep our bodies fed 🤙🏻

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