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Dehydration and Heart Rate


Your heart rate can be high during exercise or running for a few reasons. But of the most easily solvable OR advantageous of these outside of improving fitness, adapting to eat, recovery & fueling/stress/sleep management is simply —HYDRATING.

If you find you’re someone who’s RPE always seems way lower than their heart rate and have spend a decent amount of time dedicated to a base building phase — try adjusting your hydration strategy pre & intra workout!

Especially if you notice your HR drifts dramatically across your workouts or long runs. You may not be able to fully keep up with it but can help your body work LESS hard than necessary.

To learn more on zones, lowering your heart rate & hydration strategies for your runs checkout ENDURE which breaks this all down even more for you! Link in my bio always! 🤍🙌🏻

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