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“Cycle Syncing” Thoughts

Some thoughts 💭 after some recent conversations or interactions I’ve had recently around the current state of “cycle syncing”.

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There are currently 2 different conversations happening which can be confusion as a consumer. Those are—

1) Does this impact PERFORMANCE
2) Does this impact health

Seeing as these two overlap, these conversations should more be balanced — it’s BOTH.

From where I see it we care about sport performance and implications of training POTENTIAL being maximized — more so/especially in more elite or dialed in athletes where the limitations of food, sleep & stress are controlled far more than most of our daily lives. And small marginal gains can make big differences.

And the later, the conflation of health here being misrepresented and forgetting that Barriers to Exercise in female / menstruating trainees are LARGE. Peoples periods are a LARGE perceived barrier. Even if “we may have more potential at that time”. So how do we keep these people active & thus HEALTHY despite their monthly changes.

And for both — how do we speak to these people in a way that lowers that barrier, increases understanding AND prioritizes symptom management through approaches we know can help like nutrition, supplements, sleep & auto regulated training.

My biggest gripe has never been education around our bodies (hello … that’s what I do! 👋🏻)! But rather the MESSAGES and the LANGUAGE used around it.

“Women are uneducated and need healed because they’re broken and unbalanced” — not empowering.

“Exercise is destroying your hormones” — not reducing barriers

Good coaches speak to their clients, let them feel heard, help them understand their bodies AND should already be programming in a way that aligns with what we’ve know already on proper training.

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