One of the most widely researched and evidence based “fitness/health hacks” out there with the most doubt and confusion around it.

We love creatine. 👏🏻

Creatine is something we naturally make/get from food but not to the capacity of which we can store with supplementing. It’s a powerful little supplement that simply helps us be… MORE POWERFUL 💪🏻💥

Along with other recent health benefits coming out across a wide variety of conditions and populations.

Creatine (assuming you’re getting a quality 3rd part tested supplement like @legion ) is a safe supplement for almost all people.

You simply want a creatine monohydrate, taken daily. Don’t stress about the timing. Maybeeee don’t mix it with your coffee (it’s fine if you want to — but if you don’t you’ll live, promise). Take it daily even on rest days. And yes even if you run too.

By increasing the storage of creatine we are able to capitalize on our the phosphocreatine energy system for longer. Which means more weight or reps or power. Aka delayed fatigue.

I use @legion code DOCLYSS to save. But if you get a supplement simply make sure it’s creatine monohydrate or micronized (which is essential the same thing just smaller molecules). A 3rd party tested company so you know what you’re getting. Toss it in your pre or post workout bottle.

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