Common Lifting Splits

I have an upcoming post breaking down possible ways to do 3 day a week workout splits BUT… before we jump ahead to that we need to first break down a few different types of workouts or lifting splits so you know what they are!
Most lifting splits are usually some sort of:
— Pull
— Push
— Upper
— Lower
— Muscle Group Focus
— Sport specific focus

Then when we get into specific sports or styles of training we have:
— Muscle Specific Workouts (Body Building)
— Crossfit Style Training
— Olympic Lifting Training
— Power Lifting Splits

With the sport-specific splits, they are often some form of what you may view as “full body” or upper/lower with specific major focuses on each day.
If you are looking for help setting up a 2, 3 or 4 day a week workout split in a way that helps teach you the WHY and HOW check out my ebook + training template TRAIN.
The TRAIN ebook teaches you the science behind resistance training and the TRAIN template gives you pre-made weekly splits for your workouts so you can pick the exercises you want to do based on the movement you are doing and program yourself!
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