Cold Weather Running

TIS THE SEASON— for cold runs.⁣

While it’s 100% acceptable to “take the winter off”, cross train, use it to get strong, do more WOD’s or stay indoors. For many of us we still love to log some miles in across the seasons.⁣

But — the question is how do we make it LESS miserable.⁣

The key 🔑 is to dress warm, LAYERS as you get warmer/colder, cover your ears + hands (you can easily take those off).⁣

The rule of thumb is dress as if it’s 20° colder than it is outside. That’s about how you’ll feel on your run! (Give or take 💨 wind).⁣

So if it’s 30° assume it’s 50°
5° assume 25° 🥶

Now listen, I grew up in the north. I know “real cold” & I know we can dress for about anything & end up feeling warm as long as we keep moving.⁣

I’m notorious though for wearing way too much to start then getting overheated. I have accepted this is who I am to avoid 5 minutes of discomfort.⁣

But the key here is to start running in the cold NOW. Let your body adapt & mind get used to it. That way as it gradually gets colder it doesn’t feel as drastic. And, you can try and avoid those weird itchy legs we get when the increased blood flow (warmth) aggravates our nerves leaving us slapping our legs every other step! ⁣

And as always — stay safe. Wear colors so you are seen, traction if needed and know it’s fine to run indoors. Yes you can run on a treadmill. Yes you can cross train. Yes it’s fine!⁣

If you’re not training for any races I even suggest using this time to drop some mileage and add in more strength! It’s warmer & your spring miles will thank you 🏋🏼‍♀️👏🏻⁣

Save this one for later or share it with your friend already putting away their running shoes for the season 😂🤟🏻🥶 & you can save 45% off @freskincare right now with code LYSSF to get my favorite face lotion!

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