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Cardio Isn’t Controversial 

I’ve seen, have been sent, or tagged in an uptick of posts recently that scare people away from cardio, brag about not doing cardio or say they don’t need to because they lift.

If an exercise professional cannot distinguish the difference between cardio & lifting, their benefits & how they fit into your goals — they are not for you.

People barely reach the activity guidelines to begin with. Making fun of cardio is easy when we forget it’s one of the most easy & accessible ways to get people active. The people who see these comments may feel like what they are doing is wrong OR they can’t do the thing they love while also lifting.

People can lift and do cardio. Point blank. And while yes there will always be nuance around the volume, the specificity, and realities of what one can do; most people were speaking to are beginner or novice trainees who can make progress in both.

The entire field of strength AND CONDITIONING is built on this. Instead of taking an educated approach to getting people into lifting within their goals— we leave them feeling like the things they enjoy are “bad for them”.

Cardio has specific and unique benefits. Both for health and performance. Cardio can help your lifting, will not utterly destroy your gainz, and can be done if you enjoy it. It also should be done by even lifters.

Cardio isn’t just a fat loss tool.
And not everyone is trying to be an elite body builder.

We can absolutely educate people on why over doing it, or shifting prioritizes a little to parallel their actual goals is important.

But this message is I’ll-informed, outdated and honestly not even health promoting.

You can do your cardio.
You can lift too.
In fact — I think you should do BOTH.
You just have to be smart.

For more— checkout my latest YouTube videos that go more in depth on this topic.

🤟🏻 Demand Better.
XO, Lyss

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