Can I do Hybrid Training At Home?

“Can I train hybrid from home?” -OF COURSE!

First, hybrid training isn’t some mystery magical thing! It’s truly just combining 2 forms of training in a week, day, block, or training cycle. Otherwise known as concurrent training.

There is not hard and fast rule you MUST train in the gym to do this! If at home training is where you’re at, how you’ll get it in, or what works for you by all means DO THAT. I rather see you lifting with your running or lifting as a whole than not at all.

Something > nothing, always.

The biggest limits with at home training is usually lack of equipment. But you CAN do a lot with a little. And if it isn’t the finances of joining a gym necessarily or you can save up or add with time — a few SOLID dumbbells, kettlebells and set of bands is enough to get some solid strength.

If you struggle with this we would love to help you in TLM where I have at home versions of my fan favorite LITE and RACE (18 weeks out from a race) programs to make them at home accessible. BEGIN can also be done at home the first 8 weeks.

If you need help with the pairing + setting up your weeks and combining lifting and running HYBRID has you set. With over 60 example weeks of how to set up your training based on what you can do and where you’re at and your goals.

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