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Calories In Calories Out

Across the industry we have well meaning coaches or trainers or fitness education enthusiasts who want to help.

They learn a few things, pick up some knowledge along the way, and may not be aware of either 1) their lack of scope of knowledge beyond that or 2) how to frame it in a way that empowers the consumer vs speaking to their already fixed mindsets or frustrations or well 3) they know they’re doing the former to sell a solution 😅

This is an example I saw floating around and thought it would be a great example on this point in how messages like this are partial truths, wrapped in the wrong bow, and send with good intentions …. But end up spreading like misinformation wild fire because they speak in the language of the consumer BUT without helping them understand the full truth.

 We also see this with messages around lifting and pain and how “don’t squat like this” “X will hurt your back”. Or 101 other examples out there we could list all day.

We should and can BOTH listen to consumers frustrations while not selling them half truths. OR we should learn to recognize when we’re speaking out of our knowledge scope and should just maybe… sit this one out. 

Largely these people don’t know what they’re doing or won’t stop so what it comes down to is YOU ALL as consumers, being able to navigate these confusing messages. And finding pages / resources that can help you find the truth AND clarity you are seeking.

So yes of course, calories in calories out is a great example of a message that frustrates consumers who feel like that doesn’t work for them. Everyone is fatigued. Everyone is tired. Everyone is frustrated. 

But instilling fixed mindsets or confirming fragility is a slippery slope.

We CAN give people the truth AND run an honest business AND get clients.

& for frustrated consumers we hear you. We really do. You’re free to believe what you want but I hope it comes with deeper understanding. Even if the answer isn’t what you want to hear at times.

To wrap it all up — yes CICO is annoying AND complex AND true AND impacted by multiple things.

What other examples do you hear out there that confuse you OR are well intended wild fire misinformation? ⬇️ 

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