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“But what it I need to lose fat first”.

^^ a reply I got a handful of times yesterday in response to my stories + posts.

Here is the thing. The advice I’m giving you is the basics. It applies to almost everyone. Everyone can benefit’ from gaining muscle. And for most of you who have true body composition goals this will often come BECAUSE of this, not despite it. So many women think what they want is weight loss. They don’t. They want muscle gain & the look that comes with it.

And I’m not here to tell you what to do with your body. But everyone benefits from these things. Your number one priority should be your health. All of what I’m suggesting you do is health promoting.

The degree of under eating or restricting here will be different person to person. Some people truly may need to EAT a heck Ton more. Where others may need to hangout where they’re at and let their bodies do their thing as they adapt to lifting.

But you do not need to diet or lose weight or be smaller or thinner to start lifting. To do cardio. To get fit. To do the things we know work. You need to do those first.

I can’t promise your body will or won’t change with training. It depends on a lot of thing. But I’m almost all populations even without any scale changes we see recomposition of increased muscle tissue, and often decreased visceral fat (the fat around our organs)… all health promoting things.

My advice to every single one of you really is to take a year off restricting and dieting and just train. Lift hard. Up your protein. Take creatine. Sleep. Gain quality muscle tissue not just the increase in water weight the first few weeks.

Learn what it looks like to have a fitness goal that is MORE than what your body looks like. Train a different way. Train like an athlete. Train with intention.

Your concerns and feelings ARW valid. You have free autonomy to do what you want. But you are not an exception to the rule. I promise. 🤍🙌🏻💪🏻

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