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Block Scheduling

So you want to start block scheduling?

Block scheduling is something that I do when my weeks are extra hectic and I really need to stick to the plan. This helps me 1) keep focus and 2) get everything done. When we fail to plan, we plan to fail… or something like that. But do you ever have those days where you feel like a squirrel running around? That’s my natural state. So I simply like to use time blocking as a tactic to help me stay on top of everything.

I don’t use this every week. Some weeks are a little less stressful, maybe a chance to let up or breathe. But anytime life is extra hectic or I have a lot of things going on — I turn to my trusty block scheduling or time blocking.

How to start:
To start, simply use an application like Microsoft outlook, google calendar, or your computer’s built-in calendar. Or the free self-planning calendar I made for you below. Feel free to print this out. 

Free time block calendar:

LLF Time Block.pdf

 Tips for planning your weeks:

From here, follow these tips for scheduling out your weeks. I like to go from the highest priority/least flexible to the lowest priority to most flexible. This allows you to make sure you know what you have each day, need to work towards or must be done. While also making sure you are specifically setting aside time for your personal goals or “self promises”/”non-negotiables”. For many of you, this will be your workouts.

My biggest tip when it comes to sticking to your training goals/plans is physically scheduling out your workouts. Write them down. Make it a time/day you know you can do each week and show up. No matter what, show up. You can be flexible in that if something comes up on one day you can rearrange a rest day for a workout day. But that workout always stays. This has helped me greatly in sticking to my fitness goals no matter how busy I get. This also helps me fit them into my life in a way that is realistic for me. I’m not scheduling my workouts for 5:30 am every day. That would not work for my work schedule or my gyms or my goals. So I don’t do that. That may be what works best for you! 

What it looks like:

Here is an example of what one of my busier weeks looked like. While this may not have all been perfect, it is a way for me to set time aside specifically for those goals that I have, tasks that need to be done. This also helps me take a large audit of my week ahead so I know what needs to be done and when I can get it done.

As you can see I have my teaching, things that stay the same each week that need to be done.  Then I put in meetings that I had that week. From there, I put in my workouts. I do 1:1 training with my coach 2x/week at the same time every week so those stay as repeats in my schedule. My gym also has specific open gym hours, which is when I train on other days. Therefore I have to be there for the mid-morning or mid-afternoon opening. I allow myself to be flexible around these, but I need to make one. I try to train the same days each week, with flexibility around my mid week rest day if something else comes up (i.e. just changing a rest and workout day). I plan my rest days around bigger work days. Then scheduled my writing/editing (tasks I had at the time) that needed to be done and around all these things. I do more focused work in the mornings, so will opt for an earlier start to favor that which also allows me to workout mid day.

Making it work for you:

I am not you. I do not have the same job or priorities or life as you. So this may work entirely different for you than me, and that is okay! Use these tips and application to make this fit YOUR LIFE. If you work a 9-5 maybe even use it for breaking up your workday tasks so you can stay accountable. However, you use it, making it work for YOU is how it will work best. My week’s do not always look like the example above, and on those, I’m less strict with my scheduling. On weeks that look like that, I am way more strict so I can make it all work.

Hope this helps!,

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