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Birth Control

This isn’t a post on what you think it is.

But rather an important topic of conversation within my wheelhouse that is worth bringing up in light of current news events REGARDLESS of where our personal views fall. Nuanced views. Polarizing views. Educated views. Uneducated views. My stands here applies to all.

Birth control is heavily demonized by the fitness/wellness community. It is fear mongered left and right. So much so I also nearly fell for this back in 2019.

But your choice to use birth control or not is PERSONAL. Your favorite influencers diagnose or choice or swipe post isn’t your health report. We can absolutely use the internet for proper science communication on things (hopefully within scope 😜). Talk about our personal experiences. And talk about where medicine also neglects us or our experiences too.

I talk about periods a lot on here. And when I ask people what they want to learn or what confuses them half the time they don’t even know how their own body works, let alone enough to switch to FAM as their “best option” for preventing unwanted pregnancy. And not enough to even know how their cycle or oral contraceptives may impact them or not impact them. Or list a myriad of health conditions they feel confused by.

We need better, more nuanced health content focused at women and menstruating individuals. That — is my lane.

We have to really ask ourselves how or why our clients are using birth control. How we can meet them where they’re at if necessary.

Included a birth control group in my dissertation because upward of 60% of “sports women” use some form of it. A lot of people do. And while some of their “why” may be due to poor medical information on managing their symptoms — many simply do because they don’t want to get pregnant or for valid medical conditions.

I understand the fear around the pill or other forms of birth control. I whole heartedly support your decision to learn more. And no supporting birth control isn’t “anti feminist”. Creating fear + misinformation around a highly personal health topic is.

Health literacy matters. A lot. & regardless of your “views” benefits EVERYONE who menstruates. 🤍

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