Biggest Training Obstacles in Fall & Winter

Yesterday I asked you all what some of the biggest obstacles to getting in your workouts/training are as we head into the holiday / fall + winter seasons.

And it was loud and clear: it’s cold, it’s dark, I’m busy, I don’t wannaaa.

But here’s the thing— something many of you probably beat yourselves up over is … NORMAL & HUMAN. Are bodies thrive with movement but we’re not hard wired to go out of our ways to do so. & Our environments already do plenty of working against us to make this worse for us already — so what if we don’t make that even harder on ourselves?

What if we stop making everything and obstacle for ourselves? What if some things just are? What if we get curious about the rules we make about fitness? We ask ourselves what we actually want vs don’t. How can we actually make that happen?

Here’s the thing. You may say you want to train for a race over winter but you also don’t want to run in the cold or dark or wake up early or treadmill run or crosstrain when visiting family. So maybe… you don’t want that goal. And maybe that is OK!

Or maybe you really DO want that goal & the cold/dark/busy simply just has to be what IS + we do the thing despite it.

We make up rules that our workouts have to be 6 days a week & 60+ min to count and long runs HAVE to be on X day & rest days are always Y.

But what if they … don’t?? What if we make our week days rest days? What if we run more mid week? What if Tuesday doesn’t have to be leg day because Thursday works better? What if we stop making everything more of a mental draining obstacle & simply ask ourselves .. what does this look like when it works or how I would want it? And reverse engineer it from there.

This doesn’t mean sometimes we aren’t just making it happen. Or that it isn’t sh!tty. Or that we even HAVE to do anything.

But if you say you want X goal or you want to move or you want whatever — but In the same breath list off all the reasons you can’t; to ask yourselves where you’re making that harder on yourself.

The people consistent with fitness work/worked through these same things. While they do a lot of unsexy stuff — they work also with their resistance, the obstacles + humanness too🤍.

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