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I raced a (very hard) 40k this past Saturday. I have lifted 2x, done 0 running & am focused on my next training phase. But how do we do this!?

First, we love to think that recovery is super fancy & complicated. It isn’t. Time = recovery. But we CAN give our bodies the tools they need to do their job during this time!

The biggest of these are:
1️⃣ Food
2️⃣ Sleep
3️⃣ Rest (aka not going right into full steam ahead training again😉)

First — go to bed earlier, take a few days off, go for walks, let your body chill out.

When it comes to nutrition if you have a solid eating pattern with training it won’t look much different! Keep protein high, focus on all the nutrients your body needs & don’t slash carbs right away as your body is refilling it’s stores post even + recovery. Keep your needed supplements in your routine. You may be a little less hungry if it was a longer duration race/hike. That’s normal. Liquids are your BFF!

Training is what trips most people up. First — no you don’t have to workout at all after a HUGE mentally challenging event. I’ve taken full weeks off after big ultras. The rule of thumb is 1 day off for every 10 miles ran. Just … don’t be stupid.

With lifting I like to take what I call the reverse taper approach. The same way your volume & intensity slowly drop as your training increase, you do that, but backward. Basically slowly increasing your intensity (RPE) and volume (reps/sets) back into your normal or anticipated training volume!

This allows you to also use self exertion to pick your weights so you’re working with your recovery & not forcing it to be more than it is!

I hope this helps! For more info or links to @insidetracker or @legion hit the link in my bio. I’m not a big over tester but am pro test not guess with your specific supplements (as demonstrated here). & am very pro 3rd party tested sports supplements for recovery!

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Posted Mon, August 23

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